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2DC10 Bedruthan Steps, near Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E Ludwig “Dear Grandma & Auntie Pamela, having a great time down in Newquay. The weather has been pretty hot for the last two days but today it’s rained all day. The house we are staying in is really nice and has got a heated swimming pool almost right […]

2DC10 Bedruthan Steps, near Newquay, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig “Tuesday. Having lovely time. Very hot first week but bit cloudy last couple of days, so Pete and Colin missing the “local sights” ! Went to Bedruthan today but a bit drizzly so didn’t stay long. Hope you had good week. See you soon. Love Betty & […]

2DC10 Bedruthan Steps, near Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig 2DC101 The Harbour and Towan Head, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig 2DC105 The Harbour, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde “Dear Mrs B. Had a good journey down here, hope you are OK and not getting cold. The weather here a wee bit cold but nice towards dinnertime. Mylons friend […]