18th April 1973 – Fishing Trawlers at Newlyn, Cornwall


2DC149 Fishing Trawlers at Newlyn, Cornwall. Photo : E Ludwig

“Dear Liz. From the heart of the healthiest county. Greetings. Received letter this morning, many thanks, quite flabbergasted! I will be at school on dates mentioned if that’s all right but not 27th, kids back then! Having a lovely but wind blown holiday, will send cream. Visited a lifeboat, fantastic experience – next terms work! Could I meet you in London on 24/25? Am turning into a hippie and am going to emigrate! Must go for a walk at least 15 miles! I’ve never been so thin!! Much love Jan.” 18th April 1973


2 Responses to “18th April 1973 – Fishing Trawlers at Newlyn, Cornwall”

  1. 1 Katie

    I’m very much enjoying your April series of Hindes! Interesting that a lot of the messages are from the 90s while the postcards are obviously much older. I wonder long “vintage” Hinde postcards were sold in shops as new. Maybe Jan the hippie emigrated to San Francisco! I’d love to know her whole story. Looking forward to more postcards! Katie

    • Glad you’re enjoying them – thought it was time to dust a few down. I’ve no idea when “vintage” Hinde cards disappeared from the shops, I’ve certainly never seen any on my travels despite my best efforts (although others have). As for Jan and the many other people these cards are written to – I’ve often considered writing to the addresses on the cards to find out more about the stories but just haven’t had the time. Maybe one day 🙂 DWx

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