2nd July 1971 – Pier Approach, Boscombe


3BM14 Pier Approach, Boscombe Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Raymond & Vera. Thanks for your letter. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to London and Southampton. Cyril and I are well. We have the builder working here at present, I went to Boscombe last week to see them all. It was little Jamie’s second birthday. The rain has done good. Cheerio, Connie.” 2nd July 1971


3 Responses to “2nd July 1971 – Pier Approach, Boscombe”

  1. dear dan

    i love your website, and the way the glorious picture postcards contrast with the banality of what’s written on the other side! i am putting together some nostalgic internet projects of my own featuring vintage postcards (by john hinde and others) of the seaside resorts where i (mis) spent my youth. however, i have now discovered that the john hinde company not only still exists but also sells (stiffly priced!) prints of their postcards in question, and therefore am concerned how things stand with copyright. it looks like they are not preventing you from scanning the original postcards and putting them online, but maybe that is because you are not looking to make financial gain from them (which would also be my intent). however, i should be very much interested to know if they have made any contact with you in that regard, and if so what has been stipulated or agreed. hopefully you will respond to this query here, or you contact me direct via my own website: http://www.gavinunderhill.co.uk/

    gavin underhill

    • Hello Gavin – glad you like the blog although I think banal’s a bit harsh – I like to think of the messages as simple in the best sense of the word. As for your query – I’ve had no contact from the people at John Hinde (who seem to be concentrating on “personalised name programmes and unique product concepts for the high street retail, toy, gift and tourist destinations” rather than postcards) although I am aware of some prints being sold out of The Photographers Gallery (which are sadly beyond my price range too) so have wondered whether they might get in touch at some point with a ‘cease and desist’ request, which I’d obviously have to consider. I’ve no idea what the legal implications are in respect of my scans although I tend to think if it’s a problem they’ll let me know – my blog is a very small corner of a very big internet so I’m hoping that I’ll be left to my own devices. If you want a definitive answer it maybe worth tracking down the authors of this book : http://www.abadie.co.uk/postcards/ as they probably did have some dealings with the company. Anyway best of luck with your venture and thanks for stopping by and saying hello. DWx

  2. dear daniel

    many thanks for your most helpful response regarding copyright implications. like yourself i’m hoping to go “under the radar” as my intended project is for nostalgia reasons rather than financial gain. however, the fact that i am concentrating on only two seaside resorts means it may get enough interest to come to the attention of those who (still?) own the original copyrights on the postcards! i’m reluctant to contact the john hinde company directly on this issue as i think they may automatically ask me to cough up royalties in the same way the the PRS and MCPS do, regardless of my intent (or inablilty to pay!). however, as the “nothing to write home about” book appears to printed with profit in mind (and therefore would definitely contravene copyright laws if not approved), then should i enquire further, the authors would seem the people to go to (but in the hope they don’t shop me to john hinde!)

    meanwhile, keep up the good work with your own postcard nostalgia site (oh, for a time machine…)

    gavin underhill

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