29th September 1967 – Polperro, Cornwall



2DC250 Polperro, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig

“We are staying in Penzance at the moment hoping to go over to the Isles of Scilly on Saturday. We have only had one completely fine day since we left but have managed to see some of the scenery in between the showers. It has been very mild ever since we left but owing to the rain and thick mist inland we have kept to the coast coming down most of the time. Have spent two very nice days at Fowey. Intend to see Land’s End tomorrow and St Ives. Will start coming east again on Monday. Your AA maps have been in constant use! Love Lorna.” 29th September 1967


2 Responses to “29th September 1967 – Polperro, Cornwall”

  1. Just followed your invitation to check your blog. Great stuff – those Hinde postcards always make me smile (even though that was not the intended reaction, I suppose).
    Am intrigued about the captions/texts – are they real texts and the images you show here are scanned original postcards, and therefore you are including the written messages? If so – brilliant. Will follow your blog, because this is priceless.

    • Hello Sonja – apologies for the lack of response – have been on holiday, which is apt I suppose. Glad you dropped by and said hello! As for the question I can confirm that your thoughts are correct. The images are scans from my collection of Hinde postcards and the accompanying captions are the messages that I find on the reverse. I don’t include scans of the messages because they’re not always easy to read and it means I don’t have to redact the addresses. Pleased you approve though and will try and post some more later in the week. DWx

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