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2DC250 Polperro, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig “We are staying in Penzance at the moment hoping to go over to the Isles of Scilly on Saturday. We have only had one completely fine day since we left but have managed to see some of the scenery in between the showers. It has been very mild ever since […]

3DC139 “The First and Last House in England”, Land’s End, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig “Having a good time, have been here today. Had a very good time yesterday went across Dartmoor in beautiful weather, our courier says it was the best time since April. Love to you all Louie.” 22nd September 1965

3BM145 The Square and Town Centre, Bournemouth Photo : E.Nagele “Dear Alan & Jessie. We had a nice journey down and stopped over night in Bicester. We are here for week as Bournemouth have a long season. Love Jack & Grace.” 16th September 1973