9th July 1991- Woolacombe Bay from Morthoe, North Devon



2DC440 Woolacombe Bay from Morthoe, North Devon Photo : E. Nagele

“Dear Grandma. Hope you are well and the weather is finding you better than us. We have had rain and gales so far, but have yet to have snow. We have been to lots of places including Clovelly and Lynmouth and are staying at Morthoe near Woolacombe. Bye for now. Love Karen & Matt.” 9th July 1991


2 Responses to “9th July 1991- Woolacombe Bay from Morthoe, North Devon”

  1. 1 Katie

    I hope Karen and Matt didn’t scare poor Grandma into thinking there was the possibility of snow in Devon in July! (Or maybe they weren’t kidding — I’ve never been to Devon.) I’m just back from a vacation in upstate New York where I scored 7 Hinde postcards: 3 John Hindes, 2 E. Nägeles, an E. Ludwig and a Joan Willis. 6 are from Ireland, and one from River Lyn, Lynmouth, Devon! No writing on any of them, but still it made my trip to find them in an antique shop.

    • Snow in Devon in July is less than likely but hey we live in strange times ! If you’re ever over this way you should try and visit as it’s a beautiful county – went there a couple of years ago : http://vimeo.com/25395666 And well done on the Hinde booty, I think sometimes people throw the cards that are written on because they feel people won’t want them – shame eh ? Hoping to scan some new cards later tonight – am going to try and do a card a day during August, wish me luck. DWx

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