22nd June 1983 – Greetings from Butlins


2T3 Greetings from Butlins Photo : n/k

“Dear mum and dad. Having nice time. Plenty to do. Weather nice. Chel, Bill & family.” 22nd June 1983


2 Responses to “22nd June 1983 – Greetings from Butlins”

  1. 1 Katie Murphy

    Great to see you back for the summer! Classic Hinde Butlin’s postcard. Would “Having nice time. Plenty to do.” be considered damning with faint praise, or typical English understatement? The camp I went to in Indiana as a kid was nothing like Butlin’s, that’s for sure.

    • And glad to see you back too – I think probably both . . . we English are masters at damning with faint praise! DWx

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