7th September 1970 – St. Brelades Bay, Jersey, C.I.


2J41 St. Brelades Bay, Jersey, C.I. Photo : J.H. Le Sueur

“Dear Doris & Bill. having a lovely time here. Hope you are all well. Love to Andrew & Mark. Rita x x x” 7th September 1970


2 Responses to “7th September 1970 – St. Brelades Bay, Jersey, C.I.”

  1. Such fun that you’ve decided to post postcards more frequently, and with a matching date! I like the strange synchronicity of looking at a postcard on the exact day it was written, but many years prior. I fear though that as September moves into October and then further into winter the messages on the postcards will be of weather that has gone considerably downhill. At least with postcards from England. Not that I’m dissing your weather!

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Thanks Katie, we don’t mind our weather being dissed however I think you’re right – having tried to sort through them in recent weeks. September is fairly well represented however as we move to October the cards do get less frequent ! And glad you approve of the new posting regime – hope I can stick to it.

      DW x

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