Bournemouth To Dorset (And Yes Bournemouth Is In Dorset)



3BM82 BOURNEMOUTH Photo : not known

“Well hello there staff ! I am on the Costa Del Bournemouth ! The weather hasn’t been too bad but it could be better. I have been to several places on various boat trips including Poole, Swanage and Isle Of Wight. Well, I’ll be seeing you soon, meanwhile don’t work too hard ! Adrienne.”


3BM77 BOSCOMBE Photo : not known

“It was lovely seeing you again after so long. Sorry we forgot to help you with the questionnaire. Hope you enjoyed the rally. Having a good holiday with Jean and Ray. First three days glorious – yesterday dull, so we went to Poole in the afternoon where there is a smashing shopping centre all under cover. Have a beach chalet and making good use of it. We are all looking well and it is lovely to be waited on – just the life for me ! Going to see John Inman tonight. Hope you are well, also Lydia and Brian. Love and best wishes Joyce & Charles.”


3DC142 LAND’S END Photo : not known


3BM68 BOURNEMOUTH Photo : not known

“Dear Mrs Prior. We have had very nice holiday. The weather has been mostly fine and warm. Love to all from Katy.”


3BM51 DORSET Photo : not known

“Dear Colin. Just had breakfast Sunday 9.35am ! Thanks for your letter of this week and for the stamps which as you can guess are very very useful at this time. Am writing this post to the minister at QH. Think she needs God’s help through someone. Glad you saw Ann’s babe – fancy taking up life in Liberia with a new babe. Congratulations on your Ruby wedding so sorry these last years have been sad. Was interested what your Dr said about letting go, think he’s right. Why on earth Rene said that about me and my teeth in straightaway I can’t think or remember : for I took a funeral service the same afternoon and had a bad fall on the Thurs, had wretched knees. I would have hated the other way. Think this way best if you can stick it. Love the bit about staying the night from David. Love to you Doris.”


3RS12 LYNTON AND LYNMOUTH Photo : not known

“Dear Olive & Dick. We are enjoying ourselves at the Camp and the weather is fair, expect you have forgotten your holiday now and back to your usual affairs. Looking forward to seeing you both next week. King regards. Betty & Ernie.”



“Dear Barbara & Wilf. Having a good time weather not too good, have just been to the Ice Show, which was very good. Hope the weather bucks up so we can go to the beach. Margaret & Colin.”


3DC88 TINTAGEL AND BOSCASTLE Photo : not known


3BM18 BOURNEMOUTH Photo : not known

“Dear Valentines. Having a good time weather v. good until today been to two shows already going to another today, we are coming back Saturday night so I shall be round for my cream on Sun. morning please all the best. Dave & Sandy xxxx”


BM3/24  DORSET Photo : not known

“Dear Margaret. Thank you for coming to see me on Thursday. Love Em.”


2 Responses to “Bournemouth To Dorset (And Yes Bournemouth Is In Dorset)”

  1. 1 Helen

    Wow! This blog is fantastic! I had never heard of John Hinde before… but consider me now a fan. These postcards – the colours, the subjects, the retro-loveliness – just make me smile. Thanks for sharing!

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Hello Helen, good to hear from you – am glad I’ve managed to introduce to the wonderful work of John Hinde. Keep coming back as I try to update the blog from my collection – although not as often as I should ! And hello to Australia ! DW x

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