Greetings From Butlinland



2T3 Greetings from Butlinland. Photo : n/k

“Dear Joan & Burt. Having a fine time. The weather is lovely so far. We are going over to Joyce at Dartmouth from here until 16th. Hope you are both OK. Love from Jessie & Len.”


3A1 BUTLIN’S AYR – Boating Lake and Camp Train. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Dear Aunty Poll  & Uncle Reg. Weather not bad but Alan’s not too well, he wants to go home as his ears are playing up. He kept us up all night. Lots of love from Pam, Colin & Alan.”


3A16 BUTLIN’S – A typical Beachcomber Bar. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Having a lovely time. This is just the job. Have just been in this bar, smashing. Plenty of entertainment. Hope Tibby isn’t being any bother. See you soon John, Eileen and David.”


3A36 BUTLIN’S BOGNOR REGIS – The Indoor Heated Pool. Photo : E. Nagele


3BY18 BUTLIN’S BARRY ISLAND – The Chairlift & Sands. Photo : D. Noble


3F73 BUTLIN’S FILEY- The Viennese Ballroom. Photo : E. Nagele

 “To Sally and Martin. I am on holiday if you had not guessed. Thanks for the birthday card and present. I will write a letter later on. I am hoping to get brown this week. Marian.”
3SK53 BUTLIN’S SKEGNESS – The Putting Green & Monorail. Photo : D. Noble
“We had a nice ride down here. Lots of people here, weather is nice, we went to a good show last night. From Mr & Mrs Atter.”


3SK56 BUTLIN’S SKEGNESS – Self-Catering Flatlets. Photo : D. Noble

2 Responses to “Greetings From Butlinland”

  1. Cool Butlin collection! I only own a few of my own Butlins, but I’ve had the Our True Intent book for a while and love looking at those amazing stages scenes of vacation bliss. Did you ever vacation at a Butlins?

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Hello Katie – apologies for the lack of response for some reason your comment didn’t appear on the radar – so thanks and glad you enjoyed the cards, think the Hinde cards from Butlins are some of the most sought after. And no Butlins was never a holiday destination for my family, shame really . . .

      DW x

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