The Harbour, St Ives to The Harbour, St Ives


2DC119 Harbour Beach, St Ives, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde

“This is a picture of where I am sitting this a.m. and it’s just so lovely and peaceful. I wish it was so the world over. I seem to be the only person from Hudds in the hotel. But it’s a very nice party. Hope you will have a nice holiday. Best wishes G Beaumont.”


2DC123 The Harbour, St Ives, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Dear Mr & Mrs Tickle. We are all having a really super holiday here in St Ives. The weather has been perfect and it has been too hot until today to do anything. Today we have been to Penzance with the Kearsleys but we didn’t think much of it. All of us have been on the beach most days and we have all got quite a tan. Hope you are both well and that “The Heath” is managing without us !! See you when I get back. Love Margaret. xx”

2DC1471 The Harbour, St. Ives, Cornwall. Photo : David Hastilow

“Dear Judy & Bob. Arrived OK 30 minutes later, due to ‘suspect package ahead’ ! My letter and cheque hadn’t arrived so we had to dash out to get them. Chq and list still not arrived !! Weather OK – sunbathers out, we like it wilder and more bracing. Hope you;re feeling a bit better. Love Mary & Paul.”


2DC567 The Harbour and Slipway, St. Ives, Cornwall. Photo : E.Nagele


2DC566 The Harbour, St. Ives, looking towards Porthminster and Carbis Bay. Photo : E. Nagele

“Your singing was so lovely on Sat – thank you. We have had two lovely sunny days here and have been to Lands End and many lovely coves. I will show photos when I return. Love Mary & Walter.”


2 Responses to “The Harbour, St Ives to The Harbour, St Ives”

  1. Wonderful St. Ives harbour scenes, especially all the pretty wooden boats. Does it still look like this in St. Ives? I like the “suspect package ahead” excuse for being late. Is that code for “we stopped at a pub”? FYI, I just posted my own collection of Hinde sunset. We have the same Cornish Tin Mine sunset postcard!

    • 2 danielweiresq

      St Ives does indeed look much like it appears in these postcards – perhaps a few less boats and a few more people but it pretty much looks like it always has.


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