Postmarks The Spot



You’ll have ascertained that I collect John Hinde postcards – if not then perhaps you shouldn’t be using a computer without an adult.

Anyway I always prefer collecting postcards that have been used, usually because of the what’s been written but sometimes because of the postal marks that accompany the messages. (It’s good to see that there’s a society dedicated to this kind of thing which I would join but I need less distractions not more.)

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2 Responses to “Postmarks The Spot”

  1. The majority of my Hinde postcards aren’t written on, but I never really noticed all the postal marks on the ones that are (besides looking for a date). Most marks seem to be of the “remember your postal code” variety, but a few different ones are: Jersey Stamps Worth Collecting (’85); Torbay Devon’s Golden Playground (’69); National Savings Diamond Jubilee 1916-1976 (’76); Europe’s Finest Beaches Newquay by Road, Rail & Air (’64); and the cryptic Have You Taken Out Your License? (’64). Yikes, should I book my ticket for Stampex so I can attend the British Postmark Society’s next meeting? On another subject, have you seen the book The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects by John Tingey? My cousin in Paris bought it for me for my birthday. Fascinating book with lots of great postcards and other treasures.

    • 2 danielweiresq

      I actually prefer the ones that *are* written on, the ones that aren’t seem a little sad, never to be used for the reason they were made. As for the John Tingey book – I was aware of it through this blogpost : but admittedly forgot all about, now that you’ve reminded me though I shall go straight over to Amazon and purchase a copy.

      DW x

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