Tower Bridge to The Tower of London



2L11 Tower Bridge, London. Photo : John Hinde

“Wednesday. Dear both, hope you are keeping well. Am down here training for 3 weeks or so for the bank. Am enjoying myself – life hectic, and they are keeping me busy at work. Look forward to seeing you, Carol. xx”


2L32 St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear you lot. Hope you are alright, we’re all fine. Went to see one on Wednesday and are going again on Saturday to see England play Scotland in the Home Championship at Wembley Stadium. Love Clive.”


2L34 The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, London. Photo : John Hinde


2L77 Big Ben and Houses of Parliament at night, London Photo : John Hinde

“Dear Hilda & Bill. Here in London, had a good journey up and comfortable train arrived before time. Robert was wailing. We have had plenty of rain – and yesterday on our way back from Southend we ran into a terrific thunderstorm, the hail was at least two inches thick on the roads, made driving a little difficult.”


2L87 Chief Yeoman Warder, Tower of London. Photo : E Nagele

“Dear Mum. Hope you are well. Sorry you won’t be able to come up. Thank you for your card, went to Portabello Market, but not so much on as a Saturday. We went to a show but had to stand all the way through, we had been walking since 9.30am. Take care. Cheerio for now lots of love Valerie.  See you soon x x x x x “


2 Responses to “Tower Bridge to The Tower of London”

  1. Interesting London collection of Hindes. I’ve never seen the Albert Memorial, and I especially like the posed people in that shot. However the most interesting to me is the Chief Yeoman Warder, as I don’t think any of my Hindes feature a person in the foreground as the main subject of the postcard with the background out-of-focus. I really like the look of that postcard!

    • 2 danielweiresq

      It is indeed unusual – the only other card that I can remember like it is a similar shot of a London policeman . . .

      DW x

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