Sunset, Friar’s Crag to Sunset over St. Mawes



2LD118 Sunset, Friar’s Crag, Derwentwater, The Lake District. Photo : E.A. Bowness

“We arrived on Saturday. In the morning we went up Blen Cathra. When we were about half way up we couldn’t see the ground because of the mist. At the top we walked along a ridge and we saw some snow. We came down quickly on our bottoms. Thomas & Joseph.”


2DC370 Sunset over St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall. Photo : E. Nagele

“Monday. We are beginning to take the form of overfed, red lobsters – the result of too much good food and sun. It was cloudy yesterday but today the sun has been hot and the breeze strong. Matt & Carl have been in and out of the sea all day – I got stung on the bum by a bee !! It’s very pretty and not a roundabout or swing in sight. Love Sara & co.”


2DC496 Sunset over an ancient Cornish Tin Mine. Photo : E Ludwig


2DC509 Sunset over Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E.Ludwig

“Thank you very much for Jenny’s present. She had such a wonderful day and now we all having a terrific time in Cornwall. Much love from Kate, Gary & Jenny.”


2DC1470 Sunset over St. Mawes, Cornwall. Photo : David Hastilow

“Down in Cornwall again, lovely and sunny and getting warmer. Caught up with friends and acquaintances, nice to be remembered at the Meth.Church and village shop. Off to Truro tomorrow. Love Blanche & David.”


2 Responses to “Sunset, Friar’s Crag to Sunset over St. Mawes”

  1. Great collection of sunset Hindes! Seeing them grouped together is very cool. My favorite quote from the cards is, “got stung on the bum by a bee !! It’s very pretty and not a roundabout . . .” Oh wait, she’s moved on from talking about her bum.

    • 2 danielweiresq

      And it’s not the only behind mentioned in the post ! Tried to collect some together as you did and it’s worked really well – will try to continue in the same way for a while I think . . . hope October finds you well.

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