Bedruthan Steps to Fistral Bay



2DC10 Bedruthan Steps, near Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig


2DC101 The Harbour and Towan Head, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig


2DC105 The Harbour, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear Mrs B. Had a good journey down here, hope you are OK and not getting cold. The weather here a wee bit cold but nice towards dinnertime. Mylons friend was around last night so he’s OK now. See you week end.Love John, Bet & Mylon.”


2DC106 Fistral Bay, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde


2DC107 The Gannel River, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig


2DC363 Trenance Gardens, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Nagele

“Dear Jim and Joan. We are having a nice time here at Cornwall today. We have been round the Boating Lake later. We went to the zoo to see the animals. With love from Peter, ? and ?”


2DC506 The Harbour and Towan Head, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig


2DC509 Sunset over Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Dear Mrs Thompson. We are really having a lovely holiday . The weather is good, so afar lovely hotel, excellent food, very comfortable, and a very sociable crowd of people. We have had a couple of enjoyable excursions, with more to come. See you soon I hope. Love from Molly & Ernie XXXX”


2DC543 Trenance Gardens, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Nagele


3DC508 Fistral Bay, Pentire Point, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Dear Kitty & Bert. Having a grand time, weather has been kind. We went on a coach tour yesterday of all the 7 bays of Newquay. Just had a lovely walk on the headland and over the cliff. Hope you are both well, see you soon. Remember us to all. Love Lily & Bill.”


2 Responses to “Bedruthan Steps to Fistral Bay”

  1. 1 Katie

    Fun Cornwall collection! Makes me want to visit (wearing red of course) to go boating on The Boating Lake. Does Cornwall still look like this?

    I enjoyed your vacation posts over at Dig; looks like you had a very enjoyable time (sarcastic weather notwithstanding). By the way, are the people staring at sharks or something in the water in the Plymouth Hinde postcard?

    I finally got around to posting some of my Hindes. Check them out at

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Hello Katie – Glad you enjoyed the latest Cornwall collection. Does Cornwall still look like this ? I’d say kind of – although the nation does descend on the county in the summer so cars are more abundant.

    And with regard to the Plymouth – whilst there may have been sharks in the pool when the photo was taken I can confirm that I saw none . . .

    Nice selection of cards – I don’t have many international ones in my collection so it’s interesting to see yours.

    Take care and keep in touch . . .

    DW x

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