The Beach at Perranporth to The Island at Newquay


2DC113 The Beach and Chapel Rock, Perranporth, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde

2DC164 Praa Sands, near Helston, Cornwall. Photo : D. Noble
“Dear Mam, a Mother’s Day Card with a difference !! Hope you have a nice day. It was a long drive down here but OK. Lovely weather, I am worn out walking up and down the streets. Loads to tell you on Thursday. Marriane.”

2DC166 Kynance Cove, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig
“Dear All, We are enjoying a ‘business’ holiday in Cornwall as host & hostess of a Guild Guest House. The sandy coves are very exciting for the children, and our work isn’t too exacting. Even the variable weather means that we see the moods of Cornwall. We are very happy with the folk too ! Love Ken, Jean, Jonathan & Kate.”

2DC230 The Harbour, St Mawes, Cornwall. Photo : D. Noble
“Paula took me to have an hour here at my well love St Mawes. I am to go to Camplehaye home where I went before to stay 4 weeks while the family is abroad. I will write to tell you how I get on. I am still very troubled with the “giddies” and am a bit puzzled how to get on. I hope all is going OK at your end. How nasty is to be old and have giddies !! I am glad o have had a boy to help in the garden. I had P.C. from Pat today. Love J.”

2DC247 Carlyon Bay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig

2DC362 Lusty Glaze, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : Unknown
“Dear Mum, Debbie and Steven. Having a good holiday, the weather is bad though we are hoping it will pick up tomorrow. We have been in the sea but the weather was cold. We have been to a good disco twice. We have just been a walk to the harbour. Se you soon Love Andrea.”

2DC396 Ready-Money Cove, Fowey, Cornwall. Photo : E. Nagele
“Dear Mary, David, Claire. We’re having a great time so far and hope the weather keeps up. We’re having lots of peace and as there are lots of little small villages around us. See you soon New padlock for shed (where’s the lock and where’s the key ?)?, James & Jennifer.”

2DC396 Ready-Money Cove, Fowey, Cornwall. Photo : E. Nagele
“Hello Miss Mullen. Greetings & Good Wishes from Mevagissy. Having very pleasant time. Trust all is well and you are in the pink. See you next week. Florence.”

2DC397 Bathing Beach and Banjo Pier, Looe, Cornwall. Photo : D. Noble
“Weather not too good on Saturday and Sunday, heavy showers. Now it is very hot – glad I am not working in it. It is definitely the busy week it is over flowing with people of all nationalities.”

2DC258 Hannafore Point and Looe Island, Cornwall. Photo : H. Gossler
“Dear Kevin. Arrived safely. Weather been very good so far. We have been for a run today with Pat, Jack & Craig. Dad & Alfred are arranging to go fishing one day. We are going to for them now. See you soon love Mum & Dad.”

2DC258 Hannafore Point and Looe Island, Cornwall. Photo : H. Gossler
“Dear Mum. Hope you are well and looking after yourself. Weather here not too bad, sunny but windy. Enjoying the change and rest. See you soon Jean.”

2DC869 The Island, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : D. Noble
“Dear Bill & Roger. Had a lovely ride down arriving about 6 O’Clock with no hold in Oakhampton which we usually get. Weather quite good until last evening when it rained but as we’d been on the putting green all morning and there was a cabaret on at the Hotel it didn’t really bother us. Sunday we went to Padstow & Falmouth, today I think it’s Truro, however hope you all well and see you on our return. Love from us both Joyce & Harry.”


6 Responses to “The Beach at Perranporth to The Island at Newquay”

  1. 1 Katie

    Another delightful collection of Hindes. The photos are of course classically Hinde-ish, the place names interesting (Lusty Glaze? Ready-Money Cove?) and the messages amazingly British (always a weather report). As an American, I’m now wondering what having “the giddies” means.

    • 2 danielweiresq

      To be frank Katie I’m wondering what “the giddies” are too !

      And yes nearly card I have that’s written on comes with a weather report . . .

      DW x

  2. 3 Katie

    I did a little research on the giddies (ok, so that only involved looking it up in the dictionary) and it seems to be “having a reeling lightheaded sensation” (plus an Old English meaning was “mad, possessed by an evil spirit”). Since J. doesn’t sound like the heavy drinking type who would have “bedspins” (or someone possessed by spirits) I wonder if s/he had a touch a labyrinthitis (an inner ear disorder that causes dizziness). I’ve had it and it’s no fun! By the way, it’s been unseasonably cold and rainy in northern California, but nicer weather is on the horizon.

    • 4 danielweiresq

      That explains a great deal – well (and very thoroughly) researched. Am a bit envious of your weather at the moment (although I presume cold and rainy is unusual) as we’re in the middle of a horrendously dry period at the moment – that said I shouldn’t complain because we’re off on our holidays to Devon next week !

      DW x

      • 5 Katie

        Don’t be too jealous of my weather — I’m off on holiday tomorrow and my first stop is New York City where Thursday there’s a severe heat warning (98 degrees!). I hope I don’t melt. I have lots of Hinde postcards from Devon so I know it’s lovely there. Have a wonderful time and if you can, take a “now” photo recreating one of your Hinde Devon postcards! Be sure to have your travel companions wear yellow or red and point off into the distance.

  3. 6 danielweiresq

    98 degrees is far far too warm – it was warm when I visited a few years ago but thankfully not that warm – make sure you don’t get the giddies !

    And yes thank you I’m sure Devon will be dandy – will no doubt report back on my day to day blog over at

    DW x

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