Durley Chine to Polperro


3BM9 Durley Chine and Promenade, Bournemouth. Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Kid. Having a lovely time. At the mo we are in Oxford visiting all the old colleges and particularly the Radcliffe Camera and the Sheldonian Theatre. We went right up to the top of the S T and saw a good bit of Oxford from it. Love Claire.”

3BM14 Pier Approach, Boscombe. Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Mum & Dad. It’s raining like mad but it’s nice to be here. We left Thurs night Glen & Terry have been watching with interest a boat in distress today. The area had a walk along the beach in his boos (he liked that). Tony just yells all the time he doesn’t appreciate it at all. We bought some new shoes (£5). The caravan is very snug and warm and we have an electric light. Hope to see you soon. Our love to all R.T.A.T. xxxx”

3DC14 St Ives, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig
“Having a wonderful holiday but it is going far too quickly. St Ives is just as beautiful as ever – am certain we will be back here again next year. Sorry I didn’t see your Auntie May – hope you feel better for your holiday. Our love to your both. Margaret, Francis & Angela.”

3DC29 West Looe, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde
“I am staying in Cornwall for a month. Have been at Maureens a week and am now at Malcolms for 2 weeks and then on to Maureens again. We have had lovely weather the past few days and I have been out in the garden all day. I hope you are all keeping well. Will write you when I return home. Till then cheerio Auntie Lena.”

3DC89 The Beach, Port Isaac, Cornwall. Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Celia, having a very restful holiday – only one wet day so far. The village is very picturesque with plenty of narrow alleys to explore. Gorgeous cliff scenery and sandy beaches, also masses of tasty food. Love Beno & Bill.”

3DC263 The Hoe, Plymouth, Devon. Photo : E. Ludwig
“We return from here tomorrow after a wonderful week. When would you like to come over for a few days, anytime really will be ok. Wednesday of next week any good ? We did not have to go and look after Roland and his lads. Hope you are ok, shall look forward to your visit, Yours Isabel & Annette.”

3DC303 Sailing at Shaldon, Devon. Photo : E. Nagele
“Dear Mr Newman. Just a card to let you know we are having a nice time and the weather not too bad on the whole. I think this all. Kind regards from Mrs Masters & John.”

3DC307 Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe, Devon. Photo : E. Nagele
“Dear Les. Have written you one card already and mislaid it. Weather v. hot, sea v. warm and hotel good. Had too much cyder last night ! How’s the garden. It will soon be Monday nights again. Love B J M A xx”

3DC506 The Harbour from Towan Head, Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : E. Ludwig
“Having a nice time, weather has really been hot, had a thunder storm last night been misty today now it’s turned to rain, maybe it will turn out fine again tomorrow. Cherio for now love Nanah & Walter xx”

3DC763 Polperro, Cornwall. Photo : D. Noble
“Dear Nic & Jim. We are having a lovely time here. It’s a beautiful area all round here, and its a nice flat. The weather has been showery but a lot of sun. We are lucky to have a car, to be able to get around in. The 4 children are quite good. Time going all too quickly. Hope you both enjoyed your holiday and you are keeping well. Love from Joan & Albert.”


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