“The Cat and Fiddle” to The Pavilion


3BM27 “The Cat and Fiddle”, New Forest, Hampshire. Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Edith, Beatie & Lydia. Weather really wonderful and having a lovely time. We go to Boscombe most days as beach is best we have a chalet this week on beach but don’t know if it’s a good idea as kids want to play in it. I’ve had shocking cold but better now. Sea is warm even George has been in. Love Cynthia, George and children.”

3BM27 “The Cat and Fiddle”, New Forest, Hampshire. Photo : John Hinde
“I am enjoying the break with the beautiful weather we have had these days. Bournemouth is very full for this time of year. There are sixty folk in the house at Roysdean. Hope you are feeling better for your holiday. Auntie Edith.”

3BM26 The Priory, Christchurch, Dorset. Photo : John Hinde
“Wednesday. Our first few days have been quite enjoyable and by what Mark says we’ve seem to have had better weather than you have. Brian here today and been out in the New Forest a few times. Ronnie Corbert show very good – also the ? last evening. Hope you had a good day at ? ? on Monday. More people around here than usual. Cheers and love to both. Joan & ?”

3BM29 Pavilion Rock Gardens, Bournemouth. Photo : John Hinde
“Having a lovely time. Making the most of the weather. Went to Southampton yesterday and went aboard the Queen Elizabeth. Mr & Mrs King.”

3BM31 Lily Pond, Central Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset. Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Floss & George. We are having a good holiday. Nice hotel and good company. We stay with Frank and Rose next week and they are coming to us in September. Weather not too good but making the best of it. Millie & Malcolm.”

3BM39 The Seafront and Sands, Weymouth, Dorset. Photo : E Nagele
“Left home Thursday 5 O’Clock went to Basils’s until Saturday morning. Then came to Weymouth, had a lovely day have to make way our way home later. I understand Basil & Doris are coming up to see you on Sept 29th. Love to you both also Auntie Ethel. Beryl & Cliff.”

3BM55 A View of Swanage from Ballard Down, Devon. Photo : E Ludwig

3BM104 Tilly Whim Caves, Swanage, Dorset. Photo : E Nagele

3BM116 Boscombe Seafront, Dorset. Photo : E Nagele
“Having a nice holiday. Weather a bit warmer again this morning. Yesterday was much cooler. We have very nice digs, and sleeping OK so far. Breakfast and evening meal smashing, but oh the waist line. Maud.”

3BM155 The Pavilion and Pier Approach, Bournemouth, Dorset. Photo : D Noble
“How are you ! What a joy to have a warm weekend, we came here Sat. Staying at Alum Chime, after a six hour journey. Have spent the last few days sitting on the lawn, had rather an up and down Spring and Summer was in Hos. with Heart trouble after coming home had another attack so after cancelling all our dates am thankful to keep this one, we are here until 3rd Sept, feel better already for the rest, so does Maurice. Was so pleased you were able to join the family for the G Wedding party. Had a few lines from Mary and Arthur. Hope all is well with you also. Love Dorothy and your friend Maurice.”


2 Responses to ““The Cat and Fiddle” to The Pavilion”

  1. You have a wonderful collection of Hinde postcards here. It’s amazing how many of yours I’ve never seen, and I have 175+ Hindes (mostly mid-70s and earlier). Nice to know I’m not the only one who is addicted to Hinde postcards!

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Thanks Katie – always good to find another Hinde fan. Keep popping back as I’ve got loads more not scanned in yet die for publish – I’m now off to investigate your blog !

      DW x

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