The Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge


3L28 The Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, London. Photo : E Nagele

“Dear all of you. Hope you are all well. We are fine here and enjoying ourselves. The wedding went off very well. My friends HEO gave a speech !! I wrote to the builder re my roof suggesting he does as he thinks best about TV ariel. Take great car of yourselves, Love from us all, Auntie Eth.”

3L42 A Ceremonial Occasion at Windsor Castle. Photo : John Hinde

3L50 The Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, London. Photo : E Ludwig

“Dear Janette & Steve. Having a great time. Weather fairly good. Have been to the Art Gallary today. Honestly Janette you would really love it there. Food very good (ha !). See you booth soon, Love Linda.”

3L68 The Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Photo : E Nagele

“Still having a good time here but we are now beginning to run short of time and money. We have been to see some good shows and films. I am writing this from London Airport and have just seem a jumbo jet take off – how the thing flies I don’t know – it’s huge ! The weather has been pretty good rest of the time although we had a little rain but it hasn’t affected us much. We hope to be home about 3.00pm on Monday. The train is due in Stockton at 2.00pm. Best wishes Alan and Alan.”

3L39 HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Trooping the Colour. Photo : John Hinde


2L77 The Post Office Tower, London. Photo : John Hinde

“Having a lovely time. Hope the dog is better. Had to take my 19 year old cat to have a tooth out before I came away the traffic here is dreadful. Love Edna.”

3L87 Chief Yeoman Warden, Tower of London. Photo : E Nagele

3L13 Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London. Photo : John Hinde

3L23 Big Ben and Bodicea Statue, London. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear Mum (and S & Claire). Sorry I haven’t sent and word sooner – hope this reaches you before I do. Am thoroughly enjoying myself – was homesick Monday, but now I’m not really looking forward to coming back – although it will be nice to be at home. The hostel isn’t much to speak about – full of Belgians. I think we ‘re the only British people there. We’re at theatre Mon – very good, and went to dance last night – although I didn’t have a ticket. I love the tube, and what is fantastic at night – the lights ! I really  want to wander around on my own – don’t like groups but I can’t . No space left , love M.”

3L2 The Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Photo : E Nagele

“Hello David. I wonder if you will like this lovely view of London. Maybe you have been there, David. From a friend Josie.”


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