Bournemouth to Bournemouth (via Bournemouth)


BM3/2 Bournemouth Pier from the West Cliff. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear Auntie Edie. We do hope you are feeling better also your arm.We like it here very much and plenty of good food. We are going to Des O’Connor show tomorrow night. Love Pauline Marion.”

BM3/6 Bournemouth Pier and Bay showing the cliff lift. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear Mam. Arrived here right on time 4.44 A good journey. The hotel is marvellous and grand food. Plenty of it. It is rather blowy but lovely and sunny. Sat on the front writing this. Went to Chesil this morning. Saw Barbara & Graham last night and this morning. Hope you’re feeling better. I phoned Dorothy and seeing you day. Hope you enjoy it. Love now Dale & Raymond.”

3BM14 Pier Approach, Boscombe. Photo : John Hinde

3BM15 Boscombe Promenade and Sands. Photo : John Hinde

3BM31 Lily Pond, Central Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset. Photo : John Hinde

3BM32 The Square and Town Centre, Bournemouth. Photo : John Hinde

“Dear K. Having a very nice time. The weather has been very kind to us. Sun shining lovely this morning. Just waiting for breakfast. Love Auntie Nell.”

3BM44 The Jubilee Arch and Pier, Weymouth, Dorset. Photo : E Nagele

“Enjoying our holiday at Weymouth it’s been sunshine all the way a change from Torbay where the weather was shocking. We are going dinghy sailing tomorrow (with a bit of luck). Best wishes Vera, George & Graeme.”

3BM115 The Promenade and Pier, Boscombe, Hants. Photo : E Nagele

“Dear Gran’ma and all. Thank you for your cards to mum and I. The weather is good yesterday and today have been extremely hot. Sorry I’ve written late but I just forgot. I’ve been swimming every day and want to keep it up. Hope you’re all well see you soon Adrian.”

3BM116 Boscombe Seafront, Dorset. Photo : E Nagele

3BM153 The PierApproach, Bournemouth, Dorset. Photo : D Noble


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