Jersey to Guernsey


2J4 Portelet Bay and the Ile au Guerdain, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E. Ludwig

“Mel – We got hear. The flight was great. The weather is lovely. We arrived at about 1:30 and were in the hotel at 1:45. The beach is 5 minutes away but there are just over 200 steps down to it. Where the arrow is we are just behind the rocks. We had a swim in the outside pool and the inside pool. They have a fitness room and a sauna. We tried the sauna it was great. Well as usual there is not enough room to write so I will have to write more when I get home. Love Sharon”

2J5 La Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Ludwig

2J10 Beauport and St Brelade’s Bay, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Nagele

“This is of Jersey’s prettiest bays, little frequented as it difficult to get at. I am recovering much too slowly from my bout of Spanish fever but hope the mild climate and oilless food of Jersey will do the trick. Hope you are all well and not too busy. Have rung K. several times to cheer him up. Love Margaret.”

2J17 The Harbour, Rozel Bay, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Ludwig

“Dear Jenny. Hope you have been to doctors and feeling better. We had a lovely plane journey – nearly 3 miles up. Weather beautiful. Lovel digs and food. Both well. Has been like this for 5 weeks now. Love Charlotte & John”

2J23 Portelot Beach and the Ile au Guerdain, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Ludwig

“Dear Edna & Bill. It’s a smashing place to be on holiday. Bill says he’s glad he bought me along, it’s the best bed and breakfast he’s ever had. And to think he nearly put a saucer of milk down and left me home. We had a great walk through a grave yard last night. Love Phyl & Bill.”

2J35 The Harbour, St Aubin’s, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Ludwig

“Dear Mum & Dad. Just a card to let you know we arrived safly, we had a 2 hour delay but we are making up for it now. It’s lovely over here lots of great places to go and see. Weather could be better but will struggle thru. Lots of love Ray & Pat, Paul & Angie.”

2J46 Anne Port, Jersey, C.I. Photo : H Gossler

“Hope you are all well and getting up in good time every morning. Not much to write about. Your dad has a tummy upset since arrival here, haven’t been anywhere yet. I’ve walked into town on my own, other than that we have been here in Hotel. Look after yourself and house. My love to you. God bless, Mum xx”

2J49 Cable Cars, Fort Regent, Jersey, C.I. Photo : E Nagele

2J56 Royal Square, St. Helier, Jersey, C.I. Photo : D Noble

2J63 The Old Harbour, St Peter Port, Guernsey, C.I. Photo : H Gossler

“As put in last card were not lucky for seats, perhaps we can do something outbound with purser’s help. We shall go for lunch anyway, that will be an hour catered for. Still having a super time went for another visit to ? yesterday, hoping to go to ? Park today as it is 1pm lunch. Do you want anything perfume wise ? Hope you are well also Martin & Jeremy. Grandma about the same. Uncle Frank phoned during the week they have told him that Grandma will not walk again could you perhaps send her another letter please. Take care of yourselve, have lots to tell you. Our love to you three. M & F”


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