Ambleside to Lake Windermere


2LD7 Peter Bridge, Ambleside, The Lake District. Photo : E Nagele

“Dear Arthur. We are camped on a mountainside site in a forest – Just beside Windermere – the weather is good to us the only wet day was Monday. Hope all is well and you are not working too hard. See you Sunday 16th if not before. Neal & Karen”

2LD12 Derwent Water from “Surprise View”, The Lake District. Photo : E Nagele

“Tues. We are having a very nice time up here, the weather has been mixed sunshine and rain. We have already done some good walks. We do hope that you were happy with the week-end. We both thought Andrew was excellent and his teaching so good. I am quite convinced that these Parish weekends are right for us. God speaks to us so clearly. Bill Graham once spoke to thousands from the edge of this lake. Much love Bill & Daphne”

2LD52 Tarn Hows, Nr. Coniston, The Lake District. Photo : E Nagele

“Dear Clare. We are having a pleasant time touring round the countryside looking lovely with the fresh green trees and daffodils everywhere along the roadsides as well as the gardens, plenty of sheep and lambs around. We have had a fair amount of sunshine today the sunniest so far the weather hasn’t been too bad all week very little rain, just rather chilly. We had a few walks but it’s quite pleasant sitting in the car reading and resting. Hope you are well your leg improving. With love Grace, Philips & Rosemary”

2LD109 Honister Pass, Cumbria, The Lake District. Photo : E A Bowness

“Hie Josephine. Here I am up in the lakes. Sunday we walked from Honister down to Lake Buttermere. The night before last we camped out by a tarn on the way up to Scafell. It was lovely and warm. Today we’re by Derwent water and I’m watching the others sail and windsurf. It’s again sunny but much windier & we’ve got rucksacks and bags in a line as a wind break. It was lovely of you to be there last Thursday week and much appreciated. See you soon. Anne”

2LD118 Sunset, Friar’s Craig, Derwentwater, The Lake District. Photo : E A Bowness

“Dear June & (?). Pleasant to be up in this part of the Lakes again. Makes a change from the Southern half. Weather is still the same however. Promise for an enjoyable few days anyway. Yours George”

2LD121 Aerial View of Lake Windermere at Bowness, The Lake District. Photo : Unknown

“Dear Reg. We have had a lovely scenic journey here Skipton, Ingleton etc. took 2 hrs. Walter was OK not tired at all, had a lunch break on the way, has been resting to-day. I walked to Ambleside and rode back in a horse driven car (2 Horses). Weather showery to-day. Hope yourself and the invalids are improving. Hoping to go to Barrow & Washey (?) Island to-morrow. Best Wishes Walter & Margaret.”

2LD134 Hardknott Pass, Cumbria, The Lake District. Photo : E A Bowness

“Tuesday – We are just about to go to Windermere to have some dinner. We have been to Kendal and Carlisle today, because the weather was not too good. On the journey back we drove through some lovely scenery. We have taken lots of photos of it. We have just been about everywhere very briefly, and are now selecting a few places to study more carefully . The Headknott Pass will not be one of them – once was enough !!! Love Ian & Suzanne.”

2LD131 “Gondola” on Coniston Water, The Lake District. Photo : E A Bowness

“Dear Phylis. Rob and I are having a week in the Lake District – never been here before. It’s so pretty and weather is very kind so far. Hotel is sat in a very peaceful spot. We do 4 to 5 miles every day. Today we have been to Coniston Water and it was very pleasant. See you soon. Regards Rob & Pat.”

2LD133 Bowness Bay, Lake Windermere, Cumbria, The Lake District. Photo :  E A Bowness

2LD135 Steamer Pier, Bowness, The Lake District. Photo : E A Bowness

“Dear Violet. Many thanks for your card I have just been here for the day. I am going to Harry’s brothers, they have a caravan at South Shields. I will write to you because I have moved. Love Dorothy.”


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  1. Hi
    Have you seen the book ‘Nothing to write home about’? I think you’ll like it. Go to for more information.

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Hello Michelle

      Thanks for stopping by and yes I have seen the book ‘Nothing to write home about’ which you were of course involved with ! It’s a lovely lovely book which I have (ahem) four copies of . . . I didn’t know about the book when I started the blog but I do very definitely now . . . I thought I had linked to the book on the sidebar but I don’t seem to have done so which is unforgiveable – sorry ! I will sort that out shortly !

      Any idea that you’ll do another book ?

      DW x

  2. Hi
    No idea when we’ll do it, but we have a few plans. You might also be interested in this website that we have just launched –

    • 4 danielweiresq

      What an amazing site ! Well done . . .

      How have you managed to get such a huge collection ? Is it yours ? I’ll give it a big old plug on the blog although I wonder whether I need to continue given your collection’s completeness !

      Wonderful wonderful stuff.

      DW x

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