Brixham to Dunster


2DC193 The Harbour, Brixham, Devon. Photo : E Ludwig

Dear Cassie & John. Having a great time. Weather not too bad. Could be worse. See you soon. Love Shirley, Eddie & Lynne.”

2DC196 Fishing Trawlers, Brixham, Devon. Photo : E Ludwig

2DC204 Inner Harbour and Vane Hill, Torquay, Devon. Photo : E Ludwig

Dear Vi, George & Robert. We stayed overnight here. Had good digs. The weather was good and we managed a good walk round in the evening. Today is raining and we are on our way to Cornwall. Love Brown Family.”

2DC220 The Choir Chancel, Exeter Cathedral, Devon. Photo : E Ludwig

2DC254 River Looe and Town, Cornwall. Photo : E Ludwig

“Having a good time – plenty of walking – cold but mostly sunny. We went to Plymouth on Monday and off to Newquay after luncheon today. See you next week. J, E & P”

2DC266 The Hoe, Plymouth, Devon. Photo : D Noble

Saturday. I’m having a day out with 3 friends. £3 return on the coach from Penzance. Lovely ! Off to see a show, “The Music Man” this afternoon. Lots of nice shops here, could do with some of them in Penzance. Love from Sue.”

2DC279 Swimming Pool and Atlantic surf at Perranporth, Cornwall. Photo : E Ludwig

Having a lovely holiday here, weather good, we have a nice bungalow all modern cons. Best wishes from Perranporth. E Smith.

2DC283 Watergate Bay, near Newquay, Cornwall. Photo : D Noble

2DC290 The Promenade and North Hill, Minehead, Somerset. Photo : E Ludwig

2DC299 Cottages at Dunster, Somerset. Photo : E Ludwig

Thurs. Dear Lydia. Had our first rain yesterday afternoon. Today changeable but very hot between showers. Poured first thing so thought we would ride around and over the moors etc. We finished up at Minehead, but couldn’t find anywhere nice to park so came on to this place which is alongside Minehead. It is like a large village, very pleasant and there is also a beach. The car park (they call it the Picnic Beach) is on the grass at the top of the beach and quite rough, more how we like it. It is quite a big beach, but not a lot of sand unless there is when the tide is out. The sun is very hot between showers. We have to go to Bingo tonight, but if it is like yesterday evening we shan’t mind. All for now. If you stay out Sat night leave a note. Love Mum & Dad.”


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