Wishing I Was Here


Welcome. What’s this ? Well it’s a part time blog (I can’t guarantee how often I’ll be updating it – but I’ll try my best) dedicated to the wonderful world of John Hinde, photographer and purveyor of postcards.

I’ve been a collector of John Hinde’s postcards for a few years now (although I’ve probably only amassed a couple of hundred so far) and for a while I’ve been meaning to scan and archive them.

So here we are, the beginning of what will no doubt be a quite lengthy process.

In addition given that I can’t currently afford to pay for professional therapy (and hey some cans are perhaps left unopened) I’m going to use “Wishing I Was Here” as a place to come and hide in troubling times.

Hope you enjoy what you find – feel free to come and hide too.

DW x


3 Responses to “Wishing I Was Here”

  1. What a superb collection of John Hinde postcards. They have brought back happy memories – thank you for your brilliant effort.

    Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S

    • Not the E. Nagele? If so I’m wildly honoured that you’ve stopped by and feel slightly bad that I’ve not updated the blog for ages… DWx

      • I am afraid, indeed it is the very one. Still alive and kicking. No honour involved either. I really enjoyed viewing your extensive collection and though I remember taking most of the featured photographs, there were a few, where I was puzzled: had I really been to that place, did I really take that picture? Old age, I suppose.
        Anyway, looking through your blog was most enjoyable and my thanks go you for investing so much of your time on the project.

        Kind regards,

        Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S.

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