2DC109 The Island, Newquay, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig

“Sea Point Hotel. We are very much enjoying being at the hotel and at Newquay. Have been for some lovely walks along the sands which are very extensive. Dry so far. Love Mary.” 19th July 1986

3DC369 Poldhu Cove, nr. Mullion, Cornwall Photo : E Nägele

“Down here on a ‘trip’ and enjoying the sunshine. Hope your toe etc. is much improved. Often think of you out in the sunshine on the front. Best wishes DG. PS Just discovered this picture is not where we are spending the day! But next beach on!” 3rd July 1975

3BM14 Pier Approach, Boscombe Photo : John Hinde
“Dear Raymond & Vera. Thanks for your letter. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to London and Southampton. Cyril and I are well. We have the builder working here at present, I went to Boscombe last week to see them all. It was little Jamie’s second birthday. The rain has done good. Cheerio, Connie.” 2nd July 1971

3NF90 Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk Photo : E. Nägele
“Spending the day here, I had never seen this glorious cathedral before inside. Also visited St Peter Mancroft. Very interesting little narrow streets. Crowds of visitors.” 1st July 1978

2DC76 King Harry Ferry, Falmouth, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig

“Have managed to get a few days off so am having a quick run around Cornwall. Today has been very hot, but it rained all day yesterday. Steve likes Cornwall, Karen not impressed. Love Dell, Alan, Karen & Stephen” 28th June 1973

2DC507 Towan Beach and The Island, Newquay, Cornwall Photo : E. Ludwig

“Sunday. Having a good time with plenty of good food and a good hotel. Weather variable but quite warm sunny intervals. Evelyn & Jack” 25th June 1979


“Wednesday. Had a very wet journey down on Friday, but weather has improved daily since. Yesterday and today bright sunshine. We are enjoying our holiday. Hope you are all well wish you a good holiday and good weather. Auntie Dora & Uncle Albert” 23rd June 1971


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